About Us

About Us

To begin with, this page is all ‘about us’. So, let us explain further, the Sunderland news headlines website brings together the local news from around Wearside and the surrounding areas. Generally speaking, this website gives bullet style headlines with a link to the news source. However, we also have an SAFC news headlines website, a local blog and a forum proper.

Generally speaking, the Sunderland Forum and associated websites have all local issues under one umbrella. All in all, there is something for everyone, even games! In the beginning we started with separate websites run by different groups, but we come together to create one united website group so that we can share our experience. At the same time, our members also contribute in their own way. For example, they add things in the forum, which is great. As a matter of fact, many come back often to post which is even better. They also contact us when things go wrong. In reality, we all help each other out.

In essence, the staff here now invite you to join in and have your say. With this in mind, the best place to start is the actual Sunderland Forum proper. The first thing to remember is that our forums are ‘family friendly’. To put it another way, you can relax there knowing that there will be nothing upsetting posted, no matter what age you are!

Of course, the forum is a good place to start as you can make posts about any subject you like. By all means keep it local, but we do have a place for all ‘off topic’ issues. In view of this, register today and make the Sunderland Forum your community!

To sum up, please involve yourself with the Sunderland community.

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Obviously, as you can see, this ‘about us’ page, we are concentrating on local issues. However, the areas we cover are vast. In the first place, there is the City of Sunderland which includes, Washington, Houghton and Hetton. Also, we cover the surrounding areas including South Shields, Boldon, Whitburn, Seaham and the rest of County Durham.

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