Indeed, this is the Sunderland AFC fixtures page. We obviously update this page to show the next game that SAFC play.

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In short, if you need to check the last Sunderland result, go here.

SAFC Fixtures - Sunderland AFC next games - Black Cats next matches

Sunderland’s next few matches

Obviously as you can see above, we display the next game that Sunderland AFC play. By and large, supporting Sunderland is in the blood and our allegiance can never change. However, it has it’s ups and downs but we will always follow the Black Cats.
Sunderland's next few fixtures - SAFC's next games and matches
All in all, Sunderland has the most passionate supporters in the footballing world. In fact, all historical data proves this!

Sunderland’s next match

Sunderland fixtures - next SAFC games - Manchester United v Sunderland logos
In brief, we show the next game for Sunderland in the above table. On the whole, Sunderland has a massive fan base and regularly sell our away allocation of tickets.
Moreover, the Stadium of Light is always full of passionate supporters.

Join the Sunderland Forum

For the most part, The Sunderland Forum is the place to be for all local news and gossip. Moreover, we have a dedicated Black Cats chat-room for all issues surrounding SAFC. However, we have strict guidelines as it is a family forum for all ages. Hence, we only encourage posts that contain no bad language whatsoever. By and large it is a place to relax and have healthy conversations about all local concerns. Of course, Sunderland AFC has its own forum. All in all, there is something for everyone in Wearside’s premier community and message boards.

Sunderland fixtures - next games for SAFC listed here - pink seats - Stadium of Light interior

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