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Firstly, this is a link to the Sunderland Forum. Obviously, all local topics have their own forums. For example, we have the local gossip forums, the local football forums and an off topic for all.

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Indeed, this is a link to the main Sunderland News Headlines. In fact, this is what they are - Wearside articles in brief. However, all articles have their own link to the original articles.

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In short, if we didn't include SAFC pages we would neglect a massive part of Wearside life. However, we do have some blog pages for Sunderland AFC. Indeed, you can check the next game, results and league table there.
This website indeed has up to date local news headlines for the City of Sunderland and the surrounding areas. Moreover, we update all newsworthy articles on a daily basis. With this in mind, you can keep informed on all local gossip. However, all headlines are short and to the point. But, if you want more information, click the article to read the full news item.
Obviously, the images in the slider above are as follows. To begin with, we have the Wearmouth Bridge with the imposing Echo Building. Then there is the Queen Alexandra Bridge, the new River Wear crossing. So that's three bridges. But we also have the Stadium of Light Metro Station too. Finally, we had to include Penshaw Monument. If you would like to see other images in the slider, then let us know.